Frutips, Pocky and Fisherman’s Friends.

ok.since i’ve been tagged and i don’t really have time to go around looking for food(although i AM hungry now) because i must STUDY…

i shall post my favourite food (or junk food,actually.)



Made from premium priced raw materials that result in a superior product quality, the Frutips range delivers a fruity, mouth watering experience. The unique texture and flavour tang (based on real fruit juice and acid content) is too lively to resist.
“Irresistibly Fruity”

Granted, this is the official Nestlè press release, but it is SO TRUE…

Unfortunately Frutips aren’t available in Malaysia, so I can only get them when I go on holiday.

Which is good. Because Sweets are bad for you. Even when they’re Good.


I really like the blackcurrant ones, but the other flavours are quite okay…a good alternative is Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles, but obviously nothing beats the real deal.

(buy them here)

and then we have Pocky.

I like the strawberry ones.

and obviously, the one thing you always, always find in my bag…
Fisherman's Friend

Fisherman’s Friends!

I like the original sugar-free version. Everything else tastes too sweet.

The only thing I really have often is Fisherman’s Friends. It’s sugar free, I like it, and if you chew it with gum it takes on a funny kind of texture, which i find somewhat intriguing.

Man, I’m so hungry right now..


So…If you happen to go somewhere with Frutips..please,please buy me some!


Listening: The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore; James Morrison


This blog will be going on hiatus for the next 2 weeks (EXAM!), will be back when i get a working internet connection (if that ever happens)…(please please, thank you Lord.)

tata, darlings!:)


June 6, 2007. My Head Is Full Of Fluff.

One Comment

  1. Kwan replied:

    awesome list of ‘food’.
    dinno u liked Kawan Pemancing Ikan. Guess if whenever there’s a gathering, i know who to look for for a breath mint/throat reliever. :p
    not gonna pass the tag?

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