Bruise Almighty


if today’s the 21st of June (it is, i checked)…this means that Pooty comes out a month from now!


it is not lame ok, i know a lot of adults who’ve pre-ordered it. for THEMSELVES…


i think i’ve jammed this stupid computer so i have to go find another one now..

byebye darlings.



June 21, 2007. My Head Is Full Of Fluff.


  1. Ashwin replied:

    methinks it’s the adults that are the major consumers of this book. I actually don’t think too many kids have read Potter πŸ™‚

  2. pOokpOok replied:

    hmm…maybe the people who were kids when potty first came out still read it and they’re adults now?..
    ahem… chronological age,haha…
    aaaah…i’m kind of embarrassed to admit that i’m actually looking forward to potty!!!


  3. Ashwin replied:

    Hoho… don’t be embarrased… it happens to the best of us… I think it’s called the second childhood… or something stupid like that… er… altho i think that happens when you’re really, REALLY old!

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