i am a RibenaBerry.

happiness is a world full of Ribenaberries! 

guess what?

today some peoples came to fix some phone lines somewhere in front of my house (pleasepleasepleaseplease) so maybe this means i’ll be getting my line soon!

i must hope,haha.





its funny.


i have an email to reply to except i can’t quite figure out what to say so i think i’ll just…not reply?

that seems awfully evil though.


what to do,what to do?


yay!i just read that Zandra Rhodes and Sophia Kokolasaki are doing capsule collections for Topshop,although whether we get it here is another question,obviously…

but yay!


also…despite all the hype, i’m not terribly impressed by the kate moss collection (gasp,the blasphemy!), but seriously..it doesn’t look like very much thought has been put into it, with everything seeming so..been there, done that, bought the t-shirt (literally)…with the exception of a few weirdly cut dresses.haha.

hmmm…i have my eye on a pink and white shopper from Topshop, but it seems to be out of stock…why????whhhhhyyyy….


Heart printPink and White

i like the one on the right more,and there’s actually a shirt that matches it!although OBVIOUSLY i wouldn’t wear it all together…or should i?hmmm… 

anyway.did you hear about the time i tried to have dinner with $14?

and to be absolutely honest, if it wasn’t for the fact that someone lent me the 14 bucks, i wouldn’t have had anything!

ahem.actually. i was merely conducting short experiment on how far plastic can take you.

but of course!

(okay,so the whole deepfrieddebauchery night was quite cool.i concede.)

(even though we didn’t get to watch Transformers.)

(which i didn’t want anyway,aha!)




Listening: Over My Head; The Fray


June 30, 2007. My Head Is Full Of Fluff.

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