when 2 different people who don’t know each other,on separate occasions (i.e. years) give me the same birthday cards-

what shall i make of it?

this could go one of 2 ways:

a) i am so me, that people are able to define my me-ness…and my me-ness precedes me,haha…


b) these two people are so in sync it’s almost wrong that they don’t know each other.


well. actually it should be three people, with one of them being the common factor in both incidences.


maybe i should stop wondering about things so much

and concentrate on getting the cafeteria stink off my clothes.

Listening: Be Be Your Love; Rachael Yamagata

Fashion Week(s) is coming up–will i have time to stalk in between osteomyelitis and Paget’s disease?

here it might be interesting to note that last week i was unceremoniously booted from the computer lab because i was looking at shoes.

by someone with fugly shoes, obviously. (where are the kindred spirits and everything?)



September 4, 2007. My Friends Are Bananas.

One Comment

  1. Ally replied:

    If its the ‘shopping’ bday card that u got Last year, den it is Definitely, as you n everyone wud know, bcoz of your ‘me-ness’. =P
    But this dogncat, ‘isnt this better den a present’ card is probably just bcoz there arent Tat many cards in the market.

    Or bcoz we all dun like givin u presents.

    Whichever. =P

    Oh n Haha on the booting. haha.. :p

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