Chapter 11:Living With Deranged Dogs

Q: Is your dog deranged? 

i am so hungry right now, its almost crazy, and if someone,who shall remain unnamed(ahem,faster!!) doesn’t come back soon i will probably have to eat her instead.

ahem. on a less violent (carnivorous) note, i was clearing some spam, when there was this random one, which was fully begging to be read.


i thought to myself…


that IS interesting…

what am i doing?


anyways….won’t blog for a couple of weeks, since exams ($%^*&) are coming up (they’re always coming up,pah)and i still don’t have a working phone line and the telephone company has REDFLAGGED my name, (i saw it) and there is a half page long *note* under my Account Details.

die,you stupid people.DIE.

but first, fix my phone.

then you can die.

okay, that is mean, i apologise.

nobody should have to die just because i’m hungry.

except the McChicken i am not going to eat.

tOodles,darlings! 🙂

Listening: Hey There Delilah; Plain White Ts

Reading:Marley & Me (if you have a dog,read this!its super funny…)

A: They certifiably are.


September 10, 2007. MY So-Called Life.

One Comment

  1. Ally replied:

    First of all, I had to wait for YOU to finish blogging! Not the other way around!

    N that doesnt make sense at all. You’d STILL have to wait for me to come back to Eat me. So how wud tat help?

    N i think even the McChicken wud be healthier. Atleast its cooked see.

    Oh and, Wheee internet! 🙂

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