all in a day’s work:shopping round up

here are some interesting designs from the Malaysian Young Designer Awards:
September 2007 249

this is my favourite piece in the collection:

i like the floaty, almost ethereal feel of the dress, and the asymmetrical hemming. (not sure i would have chosen the same shoes though, haha…)

September 2007 252

i like the detailing on this outfit, but it’s quite poorly fitted. i think the little thing on the shoulder is supposed to be a mask, which is quite a nice little addition to round off the whole outfit.

again, i wouldn’t have picked those shoes.haha.(fUgly..)

if you look in the background there’s a tie-dyed outfit (2nd runner up) which i think is too commercial, and not very interesting. it looks like something you could get off the rack…

September 2007 254

this was the design that won, which really perplexes me because i actually HAVE a shirt like this (except on mine the little white ruffly wave is black) and i wouldn’t be caught dead in flat front pants like that.

so No.

i’m not sure what were the judging criteria (i couldn’t find an explanation, or any comments from the designers, the whole collection was basically exiled to a small gallery on the 2nd floor…)

perhaps they were looking for more pret-a-porter, commercial designs?

i dunno, and it’s a bit too late at night for me to care, haha.

anyway. the gardens at midvalley is quite an excellent place to shop- stores include Coach, Aldo (heart!), Calvin Klein, M&S, Gap, Banana Republic with 2 anchors; Robinsons and Isetan.

both the anchors have a very nice range of shoes- Joy & Peace (which i first found in HK and absolutely love but is bloody expensive), Steve Madden, Chinese Laundry, U.R.S & inc, Stephane Kelian(i think,oh my gOd,i’m in heaven), etc…(i sound crazy,but it’s SHOES!)

i have yet to locate the elusive French Sole, but someday i will, mark my words.

(i also toyed with Birkenstocks until my mum loudly announced that i had MEN’S FEET and i had to leave because my Men’s Feet were dying of shame.)

i was kind of mesmerised by a lovely blue Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo, but my mum said i could stand there and stroke it all i wanted cos “it will be a cold day in hell before i buy you that”.

but anyway she has promised to take me to visit the bag again. (SOON, I HOPE.)

so what did i get?

 a lovely silk fuschia blouse from Crescendo (pleated front column, balloon sleeves, front tie and cuffed), and some suede  pointy flats from Lewre (boring, but Mother Approved)

also today my mum told this other lady who was trying on shoes with us that she should totally get all of them.

Jedi mind tricks, i tell you.


September 30, 2007. it's just Fashion, MY So-Called Life.


  1. Lengthfour.Com » all in a day’s work:shopping round up replied:

    […] wrote an interesting post today on all in a dayâs work:shopping round upHere’s a quick […]

  2. raincoaster replied:

    Your favorite was also my favorite. A gorgeous dress.

    But Just Say No to Birkenstocks! They would turn Tinkerbelle herself into a 12th Century serf!

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