pOokpOok says

pOokpOok is on holiday next week.

this means pOokpOok does not have to drag her sorry ass to school every day.

instead she has to stay at home (with her sorry ass) and study.

pOokpOok has better things to do with her free time-

but right now pOokpOok is going to watch grey’s anatomy

and she would like to thank someone for it.

pOokpOok loves grey’s anatomy because it puts into words (well,film actually) what she cannot find the words to say sometimes.

season 4 episode 2:

it’s the high we’re chasing..the high that makes everything else fade away.


pOokpOok thinks talking in the third person is awesome

also it is slightly weird that someone came up and sniffed her today.

October 11, 2007. My Head Is Full Of Fluff.

One Comment

  1. Ashwin replied:


    Was it a little kid that came and sniffed her?

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