are you banging your head against a wall?

 is there something particularly amusing about me?

hmmm,i do wonder.

today small children seem to enjoy making funny faces at me

one small boy lurched in my direction and hugged my leg (well my knee actually)

and one small girl ran and stood in front of me and waved excitedly

i checked,there weren’t any clowns around.

so am I the clown here?

what is it…will someone please tell me already?


look, it is mcdreamy

(with good reason)


(picture from Entertainment Weekly)

i have never seen a white shirt look so hot

well actually i have but that’s another story


October 13, 2007. MY So-Called Life.


  1. fabes replied:

    hhmm.. i’ve never seen a white shirt look so hot too…

  2. Ally replied:

    Fabes, dude. You are SO sinking yourself into this…

    N elly! Thats not true! There was Orlando!!! N Colin Firth!!! They were BOTH wearing white. n wet. =P
    No wonder u like that colour so much. =P

  3. pookpook replied:

    i like it better when they take those white shirts OFf.

  4. Ashwin replied:

    Hahaha… little kids are fun! (sometimes)

    Er… I’m going to pretend i didn’t hear anything about men, their wite shirts, their wet wite shirts and their missing white shirts.

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