i’ve been tagged by this here dude:

5 things found in my room:

  • DVDs i’m dying to watch
  • my air purifier (heart!)
  • bottles of water (hydration is important)
  • small disco light thing
  • 3 blankets, 4 pillows and way too many clothes for one person.

5 things i’ve always wanted to do:

  • bungee jump
  • make 7 different colours of icing and frost a hundred cupcakes
  • NY fashion week
  • visit the set of Ugly Betty
  • meet Olivier Theyskens or Nicolas Ghesquiere

5 things in my bag:

  • tissue paper (i am very specific about my tissue paper)
  • fisherman’s friends
  • jasmine tea/soybean milk/water (hydration!!!)
  • watch
  • cellphone and other boring things

5 things in my wallet:

  • money (although that is severely lacking right now…)
  • receipts
  • ID
  • plasters
  • useless business cards/discount vouchers

5 things i am currently into:

  • ___________. (it’s a secret
  • Ugly Betty
  • One Hundred Years of Solitude; Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • flowers
  • alber elbaz for lanvin (forbidden pleasure)

no time to tag anyone, cos pOokpOok has places to be and must be oFf now..

EDIT: also, i believe in letting these things die. *wink*


October 19, 2007. MY So-Called Life.

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