i am a terrible human bean with no self control

(but at least i have nice shoes)

Pink Leather Cut-Out Flats

pink leather cut-out flats

Brown Patent Peeptoes

brown patent slingbacks
Black Patent MaryJane Peeptoe

black patent mary jane peeptoes

when something feels right

don’t let it go


October 26, 2007. Shoes.


  1. Izuan replied:

    Heya eleanor, sorry it took almost forever to reply your comment, exams have been keeping me busy. 😥

    I see you’ve moved on to wordpress as well, hehe. Nice um, shoes, haha.

  2. Wen Ching replied:

    Weren’t u supposed to refrain from blogging?

  3. Allyssa replied:



    Oh sweet sweet relief! Come forwardeth somethingsomething!

    I’d even take Shoes again! (tho it wont hold me off very long.. =P)

    I am Very the bored. can u Please stop studying?!
    N if you are NOT studying, den the LEAST u can do is Blog ok?!

    ok. =P

    P.S. I am very worried about Wednesdays Mock. Not enough to get me studying but still, Very Worried. *frowns*

  4. pookpook replied:

    Izuan: yeah man, had to leave, blog-city was gonna charge,haha..i have exams coming up too…SIGH.. 😦

    Wen Ching: I wasn’t,but shoes are very exciting you see.. 🙂

    Allyssa: darling, i think you’re overstimulated as it is..hee…

    perhaps you mean go forth and procreate?but that would be random and inappropriate here.



  5. Ashwin replied:

    Is it just me? Or do all your foot photos have the front-tip of one foot (slightly) pointing to the tip of the other?

  6. pookpook replied:

    hmmm…now that you mention it, they do!
    haha…maybe it’s cos of the way i stand when i take the pictures.. 🙂

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