things i swore i would never do

 (but find myself doing anyway)

  • air kiss (i have my limits, no double air kisses!NO!)
  • succumb to facebook
  • black and brown (BLASPHEMY! but to be fair, my black bag is very nice ok.)

i think it’s fabulous that now, thanks to my anal retentiveness…

Certain People think of me when they dress in the morning (or when so ever they please to arise from slumber, even if it’s at 3 pm when normal people are halfway through their day, ahem, the SUN IS IN THE SKY NOW…)

(even if they choose to ignore me anyway)

i can imagine…Certain People will say….PAH!



November 14, 2007. MY So-Called Life.

One Comment

  1. Allyssa replied:

    That is Not fair bcoz if it was Me you would say that i could Match it with something Not brown NEways!

    Oi! I take offense! Certain people have not arisen at 3pm for A While Now! (ahem, a week? :p)
    N Neways we agreed that it was a Good system for when we will be 10 hours apart! =P
    (but actually im thinking it wont work =/)

    N Certain ppl do not say Pah! It is Bah! 😉

    P.S. You Need to Blog woman! U do!

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