every ending is just another beginning

greetings,fellow Earth inhabitants!

rejoice, for ’tis I, pOokpOok the inimitable,

returned at long last!

gloryoski, now me be free to plunder the land as me pleases!





firstly, apologies for the delayed return, was busy with exams (i.e. panicking, not studying,haha)


results came out today (i be pleasantly pleased), so this kind of brings an end to my first 2.5 years of medical school.

the time seems ripe for some deep contemplation.

(but i am lazy, so we shall skip that.)

i don’t really know what to feel, other than relief…and maybe a little sadness, because i realise (in all honesty) that today was the last time i’ll see some of my batchmates.

in the last 6 months leading up to the finals i frequently found myself wondering why i chose to study medicine.

it’s a dangerous place to be- when things get tough and you lose sight of the reason you chose a certain path, or you begin to question your motivation.

maybe it’s because i’m just insecure..

people tell me i need to have more confidence and not doubt myself so much.

i think so too.


ways in which the past 2.5 years have changed me:

i prefer the stairs over escalators (functioning or otherwise) now

under stress, i am able to produce imaginary anatomical structures.

i am a lot more patient now.

i know how to spell important words like vomiting and diarrhoea.

i derive a perverse pleasure from inspecting (closely) my phlegm. of which there is no shortage,rest assured.

(actually scratch that. i’ve always enjoyed looking at my phlegm.)


who knew i’d grow to miss nonfunctioning escalators so much?

(and it’s a good thing too, because they actually work now…)



so after all that…i guess all i really want to say is…

to some people ( you know who you are)…

thank you for believing in me, even when i didn’t believe in myself.


whenever it feels like the world is impossible..

i’m just going to bear in mind that at least one other person feels that way too, so i’ll never have to walk alone.

i realise now it doesn’t really matter what people perceive of  you

because what matters most is how i see me.



January 12, 2008. MY So-Called Life.


  1. anonymous schnonymous replied:

    all hail the return of the queen of sheba.


    welcome back!


  2. Wen Ching replied:

    At long last, the goldfish that goes PookPook is back…
    No more auf wiedersehen.
    It’s now guten tag.

  3. Allyssa replied:

    Hey i actually Like them moving ok! em escalators thingy! So proud! *sniff sniff*
    You were SO totally studying you liar!
    N ThAnk God for the non deep contemplation! The whole being thrown into the real world thing is Bad enough without havin to think about it just yet!
    (well.. for me atleast.. for you i guess its almost here! :p)

    Gd luck with your new begining. 🙂 I shall join facebook in time and Then we can freak out together! ya? :p

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