put on some clothes,stupidhead.

just got home from a day of fun

filled with senseless (and unnecessary) murders, shopping and other general misbehavioury-type antics.

and THEN…

i go to my happy place and read this in a magazine!


In Far North Queensland is The White Cockatoo Resort, an affordable destination with quirky activities including  Nude Daintree River Cruises, Nude Great Barrier Reef Snorkelling, Nude Reef Fishing and Nude 4WD Safaris.

(Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia, February 2008)

at the risk of coming off as a prude i’d just like to point out that going on safaris is risky enough as it is, what with all the ravenous lions and such wandering around (whether or not there are lions in the reserve is not the point), without having all your important bits bobbing about in the fresh air.

(there’s a time and place for everything!) 

i mean…

what if you get stung by a bee?

some times it really is better to WEAR PANTS.

January 30, 2008. MY So-Called Life.


  1. Wen Ching replied:

    Then u’ll just get swollen at all the wrong places. :p

  2. Allyssa replied:

    general?? hahaaa..

    wait… snorkeling in the nude is just really wrong… i mean.. why subject the poor marine life to such sights?! oh but besides that… there are sharks! swimming in close proximity to your privates! Ewwww!

  3. jem replied:

    Swelling at the wrong places might just make it look like u had enhancements at the right parts. haha…

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