oh,sweet adsl


one surmises that perhaps being disappointed a tad too often by customer service hotlines here in Australia has significantly lowered one’s expectations, to below threshold

such that when things do work, one is oh so pleasantly surprised!

in english, this means:

i couldn’t understand how telstra (this is Australia, free speech, people) managed to LOSE my application, give me a cold number, put me on hold for 20 minutes, and then cut me off!

and how the gas company not only got the registered name wrong, they also got the apartment unit wrong (so essentially, they switched on the gas for some totally random people)

and “your application will take 3-20 working days to process”

which..all in all..took about 5.

not bad, not bad at all.


i’m still getting used to things here


sunsets at 8 pm

freakily hot sun when the temperature is 14 degrees

flagfall ($^%&^$!!!!!)

shops that close at 5 pm


apart from the freaky things-

the view from my window is pretty nice

(i look beyond my neighbours)

and i think i’m really lucky to be in such a position that i can complain about it.

i don’t think you’ll understand that part,

but it’s okay-

i’ve never been particularly easy to understand.



February 29, 2008. MY So-Called Life.

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