more than words

is possibly the lamest song in the world but i’ve been singing it all day, in my head and aloud and all over the place.

it’s just that i’ve never really paid attention to the lyrics before this

you know what i mean.

it is very funny to be where i am now.

i’ve never realised how complicated human beans are.

perhaps my antisocialness in general has shielded me from the complicatedness of the world

until now

where there is no choice

and my antisocialness can only do so much

 because i no longer have anywhere to hide.


it is clear to me i now have a choice-

stay here and listen to old love songs

or go out there and live my life

(while listening to said music on iPod)

i choose the former

(it is cold outside)


tell me what is right

show me

let me be right-

let me. 

if you only knew how easy it would be- 

March 11, 2008. MY So-Called Life.

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