do as i say…and nobody has to get hurt.

it is a truth universally acknowledged

that when one part of your life starts to go right

everything else must fall to bits.


i could look on the bright side (that’s me, ever the optimist)

and say-

at least i have that one part, do i not?

but then i am also a realist

(and paranoid)

everything will go to the dogs anyway.

that’s just it, isn’t it?

youlive, youdie, lifeisaterminaldisease, everythingfallsapartintheend, thereisnosuchthingasahappyending, youdon’talwaysgetwhatyoudeserve.

but nO.

i choose


i will no longer be subjected to the cruel laws of nature

nay, it shall not be!

i shall live free of the constraints of normalcy and the laws of that chap Murphy (bless his soul).

so it shall be

it is as i decree.

and now

i beg my leave

there is laundry for me to sleep in.

tOodles my darlings.

now run along…:)


March 17, 2008. MY So-Called Life.

One Comment

  1. Allyssa replied:


    there. which is why we are all so miserable.
    bcoz it is not the end yet.


    optimist? you? dun lie. dun I have to show u the bright side? =P

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