because simon says:

i think it is very funny how you can not get what you want and not be happy

and not get what you want and be happy

and obviously, get what you want and not be happy.

(i am fairly certain i have said this before)

but i find it funny nonetheless.

(so i am saying it again).

i think it is time for me to stop building castles in the air.

i hope you understand that i’m not actually sad

or angry, actually.

i’m just confused.

i’m not sure what i want.

what is wrong with me?

why can’t i be happy satisfied with what i have?

why do i always need more?

i understand that wanting, needing is part of life-

it gives you the drive to work for things (that you want or need)

but what if i’m not sure what i want or need?

or to put it simply-

what if i’m not sure if i want what i want?

why can’t i just be satisfied?


why must life be fraught with such dilemmas?

if only everything were as simple as picking a pair of gloves (short, beige)



do you know what’s the best thing about being at home?

you never have to worry about being alone.

P/s:it’s just a title.. 🙂

anyway…screw it all…i’m having fun window shopping..

i found this amazing hanii y lace front dress for $100 (it originally cost $695) but why does it have to be so sheer?


see, even the gods of shopping are against me..



April 22, 2008. MY So-Called Life.

One Comment

  1. Ally replied:

    “P/s:it’s just a title.. :)”

    I’m sure it is…. hahahaaa… :p

    Waaaat?! I am agreeing with you! i am! :p

    it’ll pass.. 🙂

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