Swanston Street

view from my balcony


it has been a long time since shoes have debuted here!

and so we have…


so weird i had to get them

there are little peeptoes where the toes should be..


Django & Juliette satin and leather flats

Django and Juliette flats

Satin leopard print flats

I do realise my feet look abnormal in these, but i love them anyway..hee..

Charles & Keith sandals

weak i am

Keds Eleanor

if you look closely…these shoes have my name on them!

and they’re really warm and toasty

(i need warm and toasty toes) 


yay for my shoes!



April 27, 2008. MY So-Called Life.


  1. Ally replied:

    U are unbelievably weird. hmm. n that name thing was just an excuse admit it. :p

    now why do you live by a street n not in some Real student hostel place hmmm? Most unfair. sigh. *feeling the effects of rotting over here..*

    also, i was totally waiting for u to post a shopping post so that i cud tell you that WHEN U GET BACK U SHALL SHOP VICARIOUSLY THRU ME! but i didnt think ud actually do it n so i told u online already.
    haha. :p

    sighhhh… :/

    Dammit Eleanor you dont get to complain anymore!!! Pffft.

  2. Ashwin replied:

    Hahahaha…. I see a vein on your foot… who has a vein on their foo… oh wait…

  3. pOokpOok replied:

    argh…i can’t remember what the vein is called..

  4. pOokpOok replied:

    OH!dorsal venous arch!
    score one for me..

  5. Ally replied:

    GodDammit you Nerd!!!

  6. leopard satin replied:

    […] there are little?peeptoes where the toes should be.. Django and Juliette flats I do realise my feet it together with a spring coat Daily TelegraphThese trans-seasonal wardrobe wonders will lift […]

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