Swimmers:too sexy for sports that require clothes.

i’ll just let you sit on that one.


let me leave you with this here bit of awesomeness:

if it looks like a duck and quacks, it is.

                                                 -Carson Kressley


i like my room, it smells nice.

like flowers and apples.

i like flowers and apples.



here is something funny.

this is my msn message:

pS:i love you

and although it is meant                            ,

three people have messaged me saying

i love you too!


i feel…




and also!

i notice i’ve been getting a lot of traffic from people searching for Frutips (which i dearly love, but am unwilling to buy here because they cost A$2 a tube,haha)

so here is a link where you can purchase them, those little tubes of joy, oh how i miss them..


enjoy, my darlings!

ps: i love you!:)


May 18, 2008. MY So-Called Life.


  1. Ally replied:

    Haha.. Elly elly…
    tsk.. :p

    Subtlety has gone out the window.. =P

    p.s. but i Do love you! :p

  2. Ashwin replied:

    i love you too?

  3. pOokpOok replied:


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