labour of love


i have been home for almost a week now and have done nothing


that’s not entirely true, i have done things

(by which i mean shopped a lot and watched four, four movies!)

(but i haven’t bought any shoes!)


okay anyway.

i was in the bookstore yesterday when i realised that buying Vogue Australia in Malaysia is actually cheaper than buying it in Australia.

oh, the irony.


everything is cheaper (almost anywhere else) than in Australia.

except Pods (as in the chocolate so beloved of my brother, of which I have eaten most of!HAHAHAHA)


also, i do not like the new Coldplay album.


and i have a surprise for you

which i will put up as soon as i stop being lazy.

this could take awhile, so don’t hold your breath though…



also i have watched What Happens In Vegas, The Air I Breathe, Made of Honour and Get Smart.

tonight i shall watch Atonement and possibly Amazing Grace

and tomorrow i shall sleep.

until noon.

sounds like an awesome plan




June 24, 2008. MY So-Called Life.

One Comment

  1. Ashwin replied:

    For a second there I though you could buy insectoid alien pods.


    You’ve let me down now.

    Unless those *were* insectoid alien pods that are hatching in your stomach as we speak.

    If so, I will catch a flight and come to see them hatch

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