in light of my current predicament

(by which i mean this crazy reverse commuting i do at ungodly hours everyday)

i have come up with a list of resolutions.

1. I shall stop wasting time on stupid things (i.e. People, GoFugYourself, Vogue AU etc etc.)

2. And stupid People.

3. I vow to use facebook for its intended purpose only, i.e. keeping in touch with people that matter, and not alternately FB stalking and joining stupid groups, although Bubble Wrap does make the world go round.

4. I shall stop getting off at Dangerous Tram Stops, which means anywhere from Collins to LaTrobe streets. STRAIGHT HOME, ELEANOR, FOCUS. FOCUS…

5. i shall only leave $100 in my current account so i shall not be tempted by frivolous things, i.e. I Love Billy (but i dooooo!), Mollini, Nine West and Steve Madden. Unless they are on sale. In which case they are probably okay. Ahem.

6. In addition to the above, I vow to be nicer to my parents, my Friends (especially those whom I love, you know you love me toooo,hahaha), and people in general.

7. And also, I will eat at least 2 fruits a day, one of which must not be a banana, seeing as I once ate 7 bananas in a day.

That sounds reasonable.



I am happy now, in spite of everything,or maybe because of everything,

I am Happy.


July 30, 2008. MY So-Called Life.


  1. Ashwin replied:

    In life, little Eleanor, pt6 will often violate pt2. What then will you do little Eleanor.

    I like saying little Eleanor… little Eleanor.

  2. Ally replied:

    Haha.. Its like Grasshopper!

    Can I answer?? :p

    Pt6 Will not violate Pt2, as FRIENDS are nice (and awesome) people, like me, and Not stupid. 🙂

    altho you came dangerously close… hmmm…

    anyways, once again i can use the term Mutually exclusive. =P

    Oh n, I Tot you said you didnt Stalk! =P

  3. Ashwin replied:

    1. Haha! Grasshopper!

    2. Oh…. here we go with the mutually exclusive bit again… didn’t we already agree the world was mine and i could alter reality any way i liked?

    3. i’ve never said i didn’t stalk. if you *think* you have, ref pt 2. see how well things are working out for me?

    little Eleanor….


  4. pOokpOok replied:

    little Eleanor/grasshopper(they are less scary than butterflies) is amused at this turn of events.
    stop calling each other stupid.
    we all are

  5. Ally replied:

    Nooooo! No one called anyone stupid. We are all ‘Friends’ ie. Not stupid. :p

    But Ashwin needs to be told that, in our country we call it ‘Perasan’ (self absorbed?), because the Stalking bit was meant for pOok! :p In reference to her pt3. :p

    Also, just to clarify, ‘altho you came dangerously close’ was not a jibe at Ashwins stupidity (:p), but an observation on his remark. :p

    Bcoz, I would never do That. He is Meek and inherits the earth you see…. Or wait. wha… I forget!

  6. Ashwin replied:

    Gee…. you hurt my feelings


    little grashopper!

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