Boys Make Girls Cry

Wait, this is really Doug’s jet? You broke up with a guy who has a jet?

HAHAHAHA, TV just doesn’t get any better than this..

Now i really want to watch Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

such is the power of advertising.

don’t laugh, at least lame reality tv is better than fielding stupid messages from stupid scummy people!

you understand.


it is 1 am and i have been awake for..18 hours.

i should wake up in…5.5hours.

i am tired and should Not be blogging/reading/attempting to write anything.

and yet here i am.

it’s at times like this, when i am severely sleep deprived (by choice, so it isn’t as bad as if i had to stay awake)

that i find myself making decisions that i am too chicken to make under normal (i.e. less sleepy) circumstances.

choices which i know i have to make,

about my own opinions.

funny isn’t it, how i have to decide whether i’m allowed to think in a certain way about certain people and situations.

mostly because i’d normally feel guilty.

but now, being as tired as i am, i no longer feel guilty.

instead i feel a mixture of…contempt, pity, anger, regret, and general whatever-ness.

at this point, it’s ok if you don’t understand, but i know at least one person does.

the truth is, i’ve tried, but i’ve always felt guilty about the way i felt.

but why should i, why?


someone find me an answer.


and tomorrow,

tomorrow is another day.

in which Someone will make me happy.


September 14, 2008. MY So-Called Life.

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