dream a little dream

yay, rejoice, peoples, GREY’S IS BACK!


get off my back, i love Grey’s and you can’t stop me.


this afternoon i was on an escalator in the mother ship (ie Bourke St Mall)

when i turned around to find a girl peering excitedly at me

like i was an alien of some sort.

i smiled at her

(as i am wont to do here in Australia, smile at strangers, yes)

and she says:

i love your bag

i smile again,

because i’ve done the same thing

countless times.


what kind of name is that?

i’ve always wanted to ask you


i am not looking forward to this coming week,

because after this week,

things will change.


i cannot remember what you look like.

that makes me sad,

because i want to remember,



September 28, 2008. MY So-Called Life.


  1. Ally replied:

    omg seriously.
    Take your own Mc.Steamy advice la.
    After all, you have nothing to lose anyways. :p I still do! :p

    Life is too short my dear.

    But really. There has to be a better 4.0 about. I mean look at 1.0, n how far we’ve come since den. =PPP

    P.S. I have like, 4 or so means of communicating with u all open right now. haha.

  2. pOokpOok replied:

    damn..it’s so much easier to tell other people to take my mcsteamy advice man!hehe…you’re right though, i really have nothing to lose..except my sanity…which arguably has been missing for awhile anyway..
    NO! i refuse to move on to 4.0, why, why!!3.0 is working out so well…or maybe not…perhaps i’ve been stuck at v3.0 for too long? but then i was on v1.0 for a long time too…
    also, i am not half as bad as YOU, who moved from 1.0 to 2.0a and 2.0b in LESS THAN 3 WEEKS…talk about flighty…and YOU!
    lord knows at least ONE of us should have some fun..


    ps: yes, but those 4 means of communication would only be useful if I WERE actually AWAKE at said time..:P

  3. carrie replied:

    No picture of bag ?? 😦

  4. Ally replied:

    I did Not move to 2.0a and b OK!? The reason they are ‘a’ n ‘b’ is because they are Both not 2.0!!!! How many times must i tell you this! There is no 2.0!!!
    I am most loyal to 1.0 thankyewverymuch.

    Also, You also have a, b, c versions you just didnt call em that! I cud name them right now Hah but im nice and wont spoil 4.0 chances just incase he is not that socially retarded. That and there might still be residual 1.0 affiliates. =P haha

    What one of us have some fun! I have everything to lose ok! Omg! stop giving me crappy advice, im bad enough as it is, all on my own. =Pp

    Eh. You were awake. Just at class or something. haha. N Tell me that wasnt a nice welcome home. Stimulating stimuli n all.

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