One Sweet Love


i managed to eat 2 apples and 3 oranges

for no good reason

(that I can think of anyway).

and then!

i displayed some pretty crazy behaviour

although thankfully limited to just one person, on another continent 

(and caused by another,or rather the absence of ).

and then, i came home, and looked everywhere for my orange highlighter, to match my orange alien notebook BUT I COULDN’T FIND IT.

why, God

why are you punishing me in this way?

first my someone,






i must go now.

there are many nice songs for me to arm dance to.




October 7, 2008. MY So-Called Life.


  1. Ally replied:

    Maybe you need to stop blaming God for everything! :p

    Infact, maybe, what happened in this post, was a punishment for what you didnt do, in the last post. =P
    Man, why am i so evil..

    Aw.. Fret not my dear. Surely He with His divine wisdom, has a plan for you. *Coughcoughcough* :p After all.. there was quite alot of moping after the lost of earlier version(s). N it all worked out fine didnt it.

    Later versions can only get better. :p

    P.S. Like the crazy behaviour was any surprise. :p

  2. pOokpOok replied:

    mayhaps thou means the earlier loss of the Same sad it is,how sad…how, how can later versions be better than this?how?i have not loved earlier versions quite as much..*cries*..
    oh man..i feel terrible now…have a raging fever and sorethroat.for which i blame this incoherent rambling,lalala..
    see, look at what it has done to me, i am ravaged by illness and insanity now. *screams*

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