a wink, and a smile.


see my pretty flower

i woke up late this morning

and seriously considered taking the day off.

but my conscience got the better of me,

so i had to run for the tram,

the train,

and then the bus

and then i walked around in a daze for a bit

but then my day got better and better

(in part, thanks to someone 🙂 )

so i’m glad i decided to get out of bed this morning.


 October 2008 007

i learn many important life lessons while waiting for the bus.

also, i’ve decided that someone needs to come up with some kind of medication for verbal diarrhoea.

i will get to work on this.


November 11, 2008. MY So-Called Life.

One Comment

  1. Ally replied:

    Haha What did you Buyyy!!

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