hot and cold

that katy perry song has been looping in my head for SOME STRANGE REASON

and then i listened, really listened, and realised

hot damn, my subconsicous mind does a whole lot of thinking doesn’t it.


it’s headless chicken time, baby!

except i won’t run in circles anymore-

i promise.

(logistically though, this might pose a problem…think about it…where/how else would i run?)


June 21, 2009. MY So-Called Life.

One Comment

  1. Ally replied:

    Square i wud think. Altho if u get lazy n start cutting corners, literally, that might end in a circle.

    Straight lines? That cud work. More geographically friendly dont you think? Less bumping into things.

    So really, you have a whole world of choices in front of you.

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