sometimes i think

if i had to have that same conversation one more time, i would lose my mind and just whack someone in the head.

but then violence is never the answer

and also, i’d be left to ____________ alone. and which would seriously impede my shopping.

and now that i am freaking 4000 miles away, and we have to have this same freaking conversation again, i just want to scream and whack something.

instead, i have controlled my violent tendencies and cleaned the back yard, washed 2 small animals and given one of them a buzz cut, and made some cupcakes for my niece and nephew (sorry i ate half of them, i was hungry).

it is all i can do to stop myself from picking up the phone and yelling at you (although i never did this even when i was in melbourne and could yell at you in person).

watch out you, i’ll be back soon….


fear my wrath, bitchface!



maybe i Have become a bit more violent.


actually, scratch that. i’m just going to run interference from all the way over here, and watch as things spontaneously (well not really, as i’ll be the one stoking the fire HAHAHA) combust. and then i will sit back and laugh, like a crazy person, because that is what you are doing to me, argharghargh!!!!!



crazy time is over.


July 12, 2009. MY So-Called Life.

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