thanks for playing…

important lessons i have learned from gossip girl this week.

1. if you have large horsey veneers and restylane enhanced lips and are in actual fact 22 (or however old you are, “olivia burke”) there’s really no need to wear six pounds of eye makeup before 10 am. or ever.

2. when making sneaky-plotty phonecalls re: dastardly trickery to one’s co-conspirators, one should

a) make sure doors are secured and

b) stand facing the door so you can catch People You Have Just Duped when they walk in on you.

but then again if nate were smart enough to do this we wouldn’t have a “plot”.

3. Queen B needs to make a comeback, GIVE THE GIRL A BREAK ALREADY.

4. also yesterday on the train i sat opposite a guy who was a dead ringer for carter baizen, only more stubbly.

5. but that is not actually a lesson.

i love gossip girl,

but everyone seems to be going ten kinds of crazy this season!



October 22, 2009. MY So-Called Life.

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