and this year i am thankful for

tis the season of thanks come round

and this year i am thankful for so many things,

and most of all:

my family,

who love me in spite of my tantrums and difficultness

my friends,

in particular, a certain Flea, an enabler if i’ve ever met one,

and most excellent underwear,

(and also because you have brought me closer to my sparkly edward..well in 7-14 working days anyway..)

and my nummy nums

(enough said).


and also my iPod,

so i can listen to Christmas music all year round (and you can’t judge me!)

even if it won’t let me play flac files.

so thank you Lord, for all that we have received,

and help us remember that we give thanks each and every day,

not least on this day of thanks.




November 25, 2009. MY So-Called Life.


  1. Ally replied:

    Hello. I do not get the enabling bit. How does a Flea enable you??! =P What was so eNabling? Other than eNabling you to get closer to your sparkly sparkly.. Oh how quickly u are converted.. =P

  2. Ashwin replied:

    If I had things my way, I’d never wear any underwear.

    Come to think of it… no reason why I shouldn’t!


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