we’ll find the key

i am currently feeling a sense of contentment i haven’t felt in a long time.

maybe it’s because i am super full


breakfast (cherries), lunch (cherriescarrotspizza), and dinner (paellasouvlakipidepancakesNOMORECHERRIESTHANKGOD)



i’m listening to a song a friend wrote

it is ..


i thought it would make me sad,

but all it has done is made me feel nostalgic.

i’m not sure if it’s just an idealised memory

but then again isn’t that what nostalgia is about, really?

reminiscing about things you once wanted and loved,

things you thought you loved

things you still love

things that were far from


but somehow always manages to seem…


when you reflect on it.


this coming year i’m making a promise

because i’m worth it.

you make the things i see so beautiful




December 8, 2010. MY So-Called Life.

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