as long as i know i’ve got love,i can make it

i’ve just spent 15 minutes looking at the back of my throat with a pen torch and a magnifying mirror. 

there is a horrendously large ulcer on my palatoglossal arch, right next to my uvula.

this makes swallowing hard.

i’m going to lie in bed and read magazines and be lazy and useless and unproductive.

just because i can.

anyway i’m going to try and take a picture of my ulcer,you know,because i’m crazy like that.

farewell,my darlings.

EDIT: i just realised that when my brother had an ulcer last week i laughed at him (but i also walked Very Far to buy him his medicine ok)…

karma’s a bitch.


October 12, 2007. MY So-Called Life.


  1. Wen Ching replied:

    Wherez d ulcer pic?
    The sensible side of me says it’s gross.
    The scientific side of me says it should be interesting.

  2. Ashwin replied:

    Aha! So I’m not the only one obsessed with photographing things that could go wrong inside our body orifices… especially when it’s something revolting!

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